Ionas Artemou, tenor

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A wonderful collection of traditional and contemporary songs from Cyprus will touch your heart and soul with the beautiful interpretation by the Cyprian tenor Ionas Artemou.

Track Listing:

1. Introduction(0:51) EISAGWGH
2. The Shepherd (Traditional)(6:35) O BOSKOS
3. The Pain of My Heart (Traditional)(4:48) TO TERTIN THS KARTOULAS MOU
4. Come, girl (Your black eyes)(4:00) TA MAURA MAJKIA
5. Drosoula(4:05) DROSOULLA
6. Millia(3:57) KORH MILIA
7. My slender basil (traditional)(6:14) YINTRH BASILITZIA MOU
8. Girl from Mesarka (Traditional)(6:24) EDWSES MOU THN MASIERKA (MESARITISSA)
9. Matsikoridon(3:51) MATSIKORIDON
10. Jasmine (Traditional)(5:59) TO GIASEMI
11. Red goat (Traditional)(6:41) POU PAEIS AIGIA KOTSINH (PAFITISSA)
12. The hollow in the olive tree (3:39) H KOUFH THS ELIAS
13. I'd give everything(3:51) OULLA CALALIN SOU

4 & 12.Music: Achilles Limbourides, Lyrics: Dimitris Limbertis
5.Music: Achilles Limbourides, Lyrics: Kostas Montis
6 & 9.Music: Achilles Limbourides, Lyrics: Anthos Rodinis
Music:Mihalis Violaris , Lyrics: Andreas Gregoriou
Musical Arrangement by: George Koliás

Ionas Artemou

Ionas Artemou was born in Cyprus and after completing his military service he immigrated to the United States. He is a member of the Pancyprian choir where he has appeared numerous times as soloist and member if the theatrical group "Our Cyprus," where he has played and sang in various roles. He has also been associated with the Hellenic Music Foundation since November 2004 where he performed at the Foundation's 5th Annual Gala Benefit Concert "Athens 2004" dedicated to the spirit of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games of Athens, Greece. He has studied voice with baritone Dr. Constantinos Yiannoudes and has also performed as soloist in various cultural and ethnic events.

Mr. Artemou lives in Long Island with his wife and four children and runs his own business while he continues to pursue his passion for music and singing. His first CD album with some of the most beautiful Cyprian melodies has just been released titled "Musical Treasures from Greece".