One of our most important funds in our foundation is the HMF Annual Fund which defrays the cost of our productions among them, our Annual Gala Classical Concert and most of our activities such as:

1Organizing concerts and recitals covering a wide range of Greek music.
2Preserving and maintaining a musical heritage which might otherwise be lost to future generations, by producing and publishing works of Greek composers of times gone by.
3Making available to the public, never before published Greek music by printing and publishing important works of older as well as contemporary Greek composers. In addition, by providing essays and other educational material on the history and evolution of Greek music.
4Recording on audio and video live performances of selected works never before presented.
5Inviting renowned and acclaimed musicians, musicologists and professors to perform, give lectures and conduct open discussions on relative topics.
6By means of modern technology, exchanging ideas and materials and collaborating with institutions and universities in order to expand and promote such activities on a mutual basis worldwide and
7.Through extensive research and involvement in music, in searching out little known Greek classical music, we have found a growing demand for Greek classical pieces among many ethnic groups of diverse cultural backgrounds and interests. We have, already, presented World and US premiere performances in New York City, on March 14th and Nov. 23rd, 1997, April 25th, 1998, Nov. 14, 2004, Nov. 11, 2006 and Nov. 10th, 2007 that featured works by Greek composers and lyricists.

Contributions from the many friends of the Hellenic Music Foundation are absolutely vital to the foundation's work. We invite all of you who care about our foundation to join our dedicated family of supporters and invest in the future of this important organization.

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