Chionia Gibba Fund
In Loving Memory of


The Chionia Gibba Memorial Fund was established on August 6th, 2003,
to honor Chionia Gibba's memory and her love of music.


My dear friends,

There are no words to describe my sorrow at the loss of my beloved mother Chionia Gibba-Zachopoulou who passed away on July 10th, 2003 at the age of 88 due to health complications, at the North Shore Medical Center, Manhasset, New York.

She will always be remembered for her love, kindness and hospitality and her delicious meals especially for her famous "Karidato" (Walnut cake) and "Spanakopita" (Spinach pie) as well as the many other delicacies she would prepare at hundreds of parties in Greece, Montreal, Canada and New York City.

My mother was born on August 6th, 1915 in Kozani, the capital of Western Macedonia to a family of doctors and pharmacists. Her father, Basil Gibbas, was the first pharmacist to open a pharmacy in Kozani. My mother was a very special and remarkable woman who loved all the lovely things that life has to offer. She was beautiful, creative and extremely talented. She loved to paint, embroider, sew, cook, dance, sing, and tend to her plants and her vegetable garden. She built her life around her, with love, sacrifice, devotion, unselfishness and encouragement for me and my son, but most of all she loved beautiful music, especially opera.

Because my mother loved music so completely, she instilled this love in me. It was due to her encouragement and devotion through the years that I was able to reach my goal as an opera singer and as president and founder of the Hellenic Music Foundation, a foundation which she strongly supported, loved and was proud of. Therefore, to honor her memory, HMF is proud to announce the formation of The Chionia Gibba Memorial Fund, that was implemented on August 6th, 2003, the day of my mother's 88th birthday. Once a year, through auditions, the fund will provide to 5 young talented classical singers of Greek and Greek-American descent, 5 hours of private coaching in vocal technique (bel canto style), including musical theory, sight singing, ear training and solfege with soprano Katia Zallas. In addition, qualified singers will be given the opportunity to perform at one of the foundation's concerts.

My friends, it is because of my mother's love and wisdom that gives me the courage and strength to continue my work and carry through all my endeavors to succeed, with joy and dignity.
Her memory lives in our hearts forever!

With love and appreciation, I remain,

Gratefully yours,

Katia Zallas-Rosati

p.s.   Since the inception of the Chionia Gibba Memorial Fund, the following talented musicians have been the recipients of the award:
Elena Toumaras (soprano) and Anthoula Mourelatos (mezzo-soprano)